Mobilizing and engaging your community to reduce victimization and reinvest police resources

J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes


The Ontario government released its most recent Ontario Mobilization & Engagement Model for Community Policing (OMEM) in 2010, but many police services in the province are just now starting to move toward implementation. OMEM emphasizes having all community members and human services agencies working with the police to keep neighbourhoods safer, more secure, and healthier. The most appropriate service takes the lead in any community safety and wellbeing initiative. The new model requires considerable cultural change from all participants to be successful. This article outlines the Ontario Provincial Police efforts to implement OMEM and some of its early successes and ongoing challenges.


Ontario Mobilization & Engagement Strategy (OMEM); social disorder; community engagement; public safety; policing; situation table; risk-driven collaboration

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