Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being

The Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) is the flagship publication of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA), a Saskatchewan based consortium of public, private and academic interests which aims to advance the knowledge, social science and evidence base in support of multi-sector approaches to building stronger and healthier individuals, families and communities in Canada and beyond.

Since 2010, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has gained worldwide attention for its innovative commitment to multi-disciplinary approaches to reducing crime and improving wide range of social and economic outcomes for its citizens and their communities. Parallel developments in other provinces (notably, Ontario), and in Scotland, England, the Netherlands, and such diverse environments as South Africa and Colombia, have all showcased certain common elements, specifically the recognized need to discontinue the long established pattern of operating within the so-called ‘siloed’ mandates of public services and community supports.

These common commitments have led to a growing range of social innovations, and many promising practices and social policy initiatives are proliferating at an accelerating rate across Canada and elsewhere. However, to date, much of this new multi-sector collaboration is fueled only by some impressive local outcomes and certain early indicators of success. Very little empirical social science currently exists to ensure the validity and replicability of such policies and practices, and to ensure the sustainability of the emerging models that appear to hold such promise.

The Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) has been created to fill this gap, as the only peer-reviewed journal founded on the principles of multi-sector collaboration, and focused on the intersection of the human services and criminal justice systems.

The journal anticipates to be indexed in major scholarly databases, with the goal of obtaining an impact factor within the next 3-5 years.

Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

The articles so-noted in this Table of Contents relate directly to the Law Enforcement & Public Health (LEPH) Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2019.

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction


Record of Proceedings

Katy Kamkar, Grant Edwards, Ian Hesketh, Dale McFee, Konstantinos Papazoglou, Paul Pedersen, Katrina Sanders, Tom Stamatakis, Jeff Thompson

Original Research

Daniel M. Blumberg, Luciano Giromini, Konstantinos Papazoglou, A. Renee Thornton


Social Innovation Narratives

Dean R. Young


Original Research

Yoko Murphy, Howard Sapers

Food for After Thought

Matt Torigian



Mark your calendars! JULY 15, 2020 - Launch of our new Journal of CSWB website and peer review system


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our upgraded website and peer review system for the Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being.

The site will have a fresh design, modern feel, new functionalities and technical improvements. Upgrades and improvements are for authors, reviewers, and readers alike!

Some highlights include improved analytics, social media sharing tools, streamlined submission and reviewer systems, and an overall improved user experience.

We look forward to your visit!

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COVID-19 Special Issue: Call-for-Papers for the Journal of CSWB


Worldwide Colleagues in CSWB and LEPH:

We are just over a month into the declared COVID-19 pandemic and all its associated tragedy around the world. So much has already been learned in this short period, and we know that many more lessons are yet to be discovered and shared for the benefit of safe and healthier futures, everywhere.

The global lens has perhaps never before been so sharply focused on the valiant and vital work of our health, human services and first responder professionals, and by extension, on the researchers, analysts, scholars and policy-makers who must capture, build and disseminate the knowledge and evidence that supports their work and their safety.

We have chosen to dedicate our next Journal of CSWB Issue 5(2) to supporting this urgent effort as best we can, with a target date to publish this special issue in July.

As such, we are issuing this special call-for-papers as widely as possible in hopes of receiving, reviewing, and featuring as many well-informed perspectives of direct or indirect relevance to the current public health crisis and its associated challenges for community safety and well-being in all its forms. Our article categories include Original Research (peer-reviewed), Practice Guidelines (peer-reviewed), Social Innovation Narratives (peer-reviewed), Commentaries, Records of Proceedings, Editorials and unique Food-for-Afterthought perspectives. Our Editorial Sections span Trust, Strengths, Services and Justice.

To meet our publishing timelines, we will need to receive items requiring peer review by May 10, and all other selections by no later than May 31. On behalf of our whole editorial and publishing team, I hope you will join us in this mission, and we look forward to receiving your works.

Thank you and stay well.

Norman E. Taylor
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being


Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts may be submitted electronically through our online submission and peer review system. For information about article submission and preparation, go to:

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Canadian Police Knowledge Network and The Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being Partnership Exchange


We are thrilled to announce that the Journal of Community Safety and Well-being (JCSWB) and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) are partnering in our efforts to increase awareness for our respective activities to each of our online communities. The purpose of the exchange is to highlight relevant information to the shared communities of police, researchers and stakeholders, alike.

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