Welcoming our Mission Supporter

  • Norman E. Taylor Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CSWB

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Norman E. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of CSWB
In addition to serving as EIC of the Journal of CSWB, Norm is the President of the Global Network for Community Safety (www.globalcommunitysafety.com), Principal Advisor at Net-L3.com (www.netL3.com), and Co-Founder and Program Director of the CACP Executive Global Studies Program (www.cacpglobal.ca).  He also serves as a Senior Advisor to the Deputy Ministers responsible for CSWB in Saskatchewan and Ontario.  Norm is also a member of the CACP International Committee, and the CATA Cybercrime Advisory Council.
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Taylor, N. E. (2020). Welcoming our Mission Supporter. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 5(3), 90. https://doi.org/10.35502/jcswb.162
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