Senior officer and recruiter views on “big topics” in policing for new recruits

Hina Kalyal, Hillary Peladeau, Laura Huey


Along with a focus on adopting more proactive approaches due to the changing nature of crime, police organizations today are also faced with the task of attracting and retaining a dynamic and flexible work force. The present study, based on semi-structured interviews with 12 recruiters and 21 senior police officers from police agencies across Ontario, seeks to determine whether these officers find the knowledge of new policing models useful for the professional development of incoming recruits. Despite the exploratory nature of the study, the results highlight the importance of the knowledge of “big topics” in policing prior to joining the service. Not only will such knowledge be useful for future recruits in developing a clear understanding of the challenges and realities of modern policing, but it will also lead to time and cost saving in terms of training and development.


Proactive policing; future trends; work expectations; training costs

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