Canadian crime rates in the penalty box

  • Simon Demers Vancouver Police Department
Keywords: Crime, penalties, stolen bases, correlation, hockey, baseball, NHL, MLB


Over the 1962 to 2016 period, the Canadian violent crime rate has remained strongly correlated with National Hockey League (NHL) penalties. The Canadian property crime rate was similarly correlated with stolen base attempts in the Major League Baseball (MLB). Of course, correlation does not imply causation or prove association. It is simply presented here as an observation. Curious readers might be tempted to conduct additional research and ask questions in order to enhance the conversation, transition away from a state of confusion, clarify the situation, prevent false attribution, and possibly solve a problem that economists call identification.

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Simon Demers, Vancouver Police Department
Planning, Research & Audit Section
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DemersS. (2018). Canadian crime rates in the penalty box. Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being, 3(3), 105-109.
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