Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being

The Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) is the flagship publication of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA), a Saskatchewan based consortium of public, private and academic interests which aims to advance the knowledge, social science and evidence base in support of multi-sector approaches to building stronger and healthier individuals, families and communities in Canada and beyond.

Since 2010, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has gained worldwide attention for its innovative commitment to multi-disciplinary approaches to reducing crime and improving wide range of social and economic outcomes for its citizens and their communities. Parallel developments in other provinces (notably, Ontario), and in Scotland, England, the Netherlands, and such diverse environments as South Africa and Colombia, have all showcased certain common elements, specifically the recognized need to discontinue the long established pattern of operating within the so-called ‘siloed’ mandates of public services and community supports.

These common commitments have led to a growing range of social innovations, and many promising practices and social policy initiatives are proliferating at an accelerating rate across Canada and elsewhere. However, to date, much of this new multi-sector collaboration is fueled only by some impressive local outcomes and certain early indicators of success. Very little empirical social science currently exists to ensure the validity and replicability of such policies and practices, and to ensure the sustainability of the emerging models that appear to hold such promise.

The Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) has been created to fill this gap, as the only peer-reviewed journal founded on the principles of multi-sector collaboration, and focused on the intersection of the human services and criminal justice systems.

The journal anticipates to be indexed in major scholarly databases, with the goal of obtaining an impact factor within the next 3-5 years.

Vol 4, No 2 (2019)

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Editor's Introduction



Sandra Hodzic, Robert Chrismas

Social Innovation Narratives

Jo Ramessur-Williams, Annemarie Newbury, Michelle A. McManus, Sally A. Rivers


Original Research

Anthony Piscitelli, Sean Doherty



The Journal Welcomes Matthew Torigian to the Role of Senior Contributing Editor

As former Ontario Deputy Minister for Community Safety, Matt was instrumental in bringing in new legislation to mandate collaborative CSWB Plans in all municipalities. In that role and in prior roles as Chief of Police in Waterloo Region and Past-President of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, he has for many years been a prime driver of CSWB developments across Canada. Now, in his new role as a Distinguished Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, he brings a global perspective to his continuing leadership at the intersection of law enforcement and public health. Matt will work with the Journal's Editorial Team to develop and broaden the Journal's global voice, taking on specific responsibility for guiding a new stream of Supplemental Issues to deliver important sector-specific research and critical findings to those who need it in a timely and digestible manner.  
Posted: 2019-06-13

Welcome Announcement from CSKA Board Chair, Deputy Minister Dale McFee


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance, I am excited to welcome you to this groundbreaking new Journal of Community Safety and Well Being. The Journal has been part of our original vision from the start. Our CSKA mission is to move research to practice to alignment across the full spectrum of human services. We regard the peer reviewed Journal of CSWB as a foundation for this, one through which we can all share in the creation and dissemination of reliable knowledge and emerging social science to support social innovation and institutional reforms. We envision the Journal will become a repository of best practices that will source real-time research and solutions to practitioners.

We look forward to assembling a Canadian and global community of contributing authors, and to engaging in a continuing and active dialogue with our readers from every sector that has a role to play in building safe and healthy communities.

Dale McFee
Chair, Community Safety Knowledge Alliance
Deputy Minister of Corrections and Policing, Ministry of Justice
Government of Saskatchewan

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Introductory Remarks from CSKA Interim CEO Cal Corley


“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow”.
– Lawrence Clark Powell

The Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) is excited to launch The Journal of Community Safety and Well Being.

Profound changes to the design, organization and co-production of community safety and well being are taking shape in pockets across Canada – most significantly in Saskatchewan and Ontario. Sustaining and improving upon such strategic shifts requires a continuous feed of new evidence-based knowledge that is then translated into purposeful strategies and actions. CSKA does just that. Established in July 2015, CSKA is a government-supported non-profit organization whose research and other activities inform professional practices, community safety and well-being system alignment, and provide evidence-based knowledge to support practitioners and decision makers at all levels.

The Journal is the flagship of our multi-faceted communications strategy aimed at getting important knowledge and information into the hands of those who need it in a timely and digestible manner.

This exciting new medium will provide global reach for those with pertinent knowledge to share as well as for those seeking to develop or expand their own reference base in this evolving field of social science.

I would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to everyone at Multimed Inc., our Canadian-based publisher. And last but not least, deep thanks and appreciation to inaugural Editor-in-Chief, Norman Taylor, whose vision, leadership and steadfast efforts have been critical to all of this. As you will see as the Journal matures, we will all benefit from his efforts.

Cal Corley
Interim CEO,
Community Safety Knowledge Alliance

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